Xiaomi VR Headset to be REVEALED TODAY

Xiaomi VR Headset to be REVEALED TODAY

If you are don’t know the company Xiaomi then let me introduce them. They are the world’s 5th largest smartphone  makers and last year they sold 70 million units of their product.

Enough said according to the company’s latest teasers, its first VR headset will be officially launched on August 1. It is a welcome development for the China-based company as none of the VR headsets around are optimized for MIUI, which is the firmware that Xiaomi’s devices run on.

The big white text in the middle says, “I Am Xiaomi VR,” according to Google Translate

Apart from manufacturing budget-friendly smartphones and wearables, the company has been delving into smart home automation products, such as air-conditioners and bedside lamps in China for quite some time now. Recently, flagship Mi Notebook Laptop and a new smartphone, Redmi Pro, were unveiled.
Teasers for the new Xiaomi headset were shared on the company’s official Weibo account. Although there were previous rumors that Xiaomi Technology has started working on its own VR headset, it was later confirmed by the company’s General Manager, Tang Mu, adding that the headset would be compatible with Google’s Daydream VR platform. We are unsure whether the headset will work only with Xiaomi’s devices.

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There are unconfirmed rumors that Xiaomi will release loads of software and audiovisual content to ensure that buyers have enough VR content when its headset finally becomes available. With the teasers in Chinese, the headset will apparently be released in China for now, and there are no information if it will be available in other countries later on. It is likely that the headset carries a cheaper price tag than Samsung’s Gear VR.

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Whether these are just rumors or not, we only have to wait for few hours.

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