Whatsapp Video Calling is Now Possible

Finally You Can Now Make Video Calls with Whatsapp

Hey friends, I have some great news for you today! Our favorite and world number one social chatting app just launched a new feature. This is a feature we have all thought about. Guess Whatsapp Video calling is now possible!

it is obvious that the world’s most popular messaging app Whatsapp is doing everything necessary to remain the best and most used chatting app globally. WhatsApp launched the Video calling feature about 48 hours ago. It is the feature that we have been waiting for and now it is now ready for beta testing.

whats app video calling

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Just a few hours back, WhatsApp began rolling out Video calling features to some beta testers and I’m pretty sure before today ends, a lot of beta testers will be rocking WhatsApp video calling.
As long as you are a beta tester, you only need to update your WhatsApp if available to the latest beta version and you should be sure to receive the video calling features. If you are not a beta tester you should not worry, because main  whatsapp update would soon get to Google Playstore [most likely today].


Google Duo video calling is what I have been using to make video calls for some time now. However, I am quite sure that this might lead to its end since more people use Whatsapp. The use of IMO for video calls might also spiral down too. The situation reminds me of how yahoo messenger of years back gradually phased away with better innovations and apps. The world of today keeps introducing new trends and updates and opportunities. The question is how fast can you catch and take advantage of them.

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Possible whats app video calling activation trick

We’ve had success forcing video calling to activate by wiping app data and logging in again. You can try this, but make sure you back up your chats first.

Note that it went live only after updating to latest WhatsApp 2.16.318 Beta. Works only when both caller and receiver have latest beta version installed.


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