Whatsapp to give away Privacy! Plus your CAR to now drive You!

WhatsApp to give Facebook MORE of your Details and More

whatsapp new update privacy policy

I know this is coming in official now but as far I am concerned this happened a long time. I believe this happened the moment Facebook concluded purchased of Whatsapp. I believe this because I observed a major improvement in my Facebook “friend suggestion” just after the sale.

However, this now makes it official. We now know for certain that with the new Whatsapp update you would be giving Whats App more privacy permissions. The details include the fact you would be agreeing to let them send your WhatsApp verification number to Facebook. You would also be allowing them send them your “the last seen” Whats app information to Facebook too.

Simply connect the dots my friend; The ad giant Facebook would now have everyone’s number matched with their favorite app use! Let me just put it in the lightest way possible with humor. Get ready friends because it’s going to be a bumper ride lol. Hey friend, you can get set for and also expect more laser targeted advertising coming your way.

How To Op-Out of WhatsApp Sharing your details with Facebook

The reports say that there would be an option to partially opt-out. This means you can prevent Whatsapp from giving out some of this information but not fully. The only way to fully stop them from doing this is to op-out  completely from using Whats app. Whats-app has become a large part of most of our lives. Therefore, I really don’t really see most us quitting it because this data lick. After all many don’t even really care about the fact that some new folk now gets your phone number.

The video below gives details about how you can op-out this whats app information sharing. There are actually two ways to go about it. The first method to op-out of Whatsapp sharing your private information with Facebook is done while updating. Now while updating your Whatsapp the terms and privacy policy would show up. Next is to simply scroll down and click on the more details option just below it. You should now find a ticked section. Simply un-tick it in order to unsubscribe to the Whatsapp to Facebook information sharing.

The second way to op-out of Whatsapp sharing your information with Facebook is done after you have updated the app already. You would be able to find the option under Settings –> Accounts –> Privacy. Once you are the Privacy section simply un-tick the checked box.

Anyway, it is not all gloom and doom recently. Did you hear that self-driving cars are now available? Yeah a company called nuTonomy has been doing live testing on it since April this year! They just did some live testing in Singapore. They participants surely seemed thrilled about the experience.


This innovation has a ton of beneficial applications in the real world. Think about the reduced accidents that this could bring about. No more drunk drivers killing innocent kids on the streets anymore. Imagine a world were a woman in labor can get to the hospital without having to drive herself. What about less traffic conditions? This should be the direct result of more cars being driven better. Below is a Video on this

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