How to Send or Transfer Credit or Airtime on MTN Nigeria


How to Send or Transfer Credit or Airtime on MTN Network


Since inception of the internet, so many things have become very easy. Network services now make it possible for one to stay at home and get so many things done right in one’s bedroom. Gone are the days when you have to go out of the home to do everything you want to get done.


Gone are the days when you have to go out late, go under the rain or under the sun to buy airtime, make bank transfer or buy other items; all these things can be done right in your room, while you are lying down peacefully in your bed.


If you are an MTN network user, you can easily transfer credit from one phone to another. If for example you have a friend you want to transfer credit to, you do not need to leave your room to go and buy airtime; just dial the right code and the airtime will be transferred in no time at all.


How can I transfer credit?

There are two ways you can go about transferring mtn credits. However, you first ensure that you have adequate amount of credit on your phone. Mtn would not allow an airtime transfer transaction when the person transferring the credit has insufficient airtime.

If you plan to transfer 200 naira for example you must have at least 200 naira in your balance. I better scenerio is to have 10% more than what you plan to transfer. This means if you plan to transfer 200 naira you should have 220 naira. Another example is if you plan to transfer 100 naira you should have at least 110 naira. These network providers in Nigeria continually change their tariffs and charges so is always better to have more.

You may be aware that when you borrow airtime from mtn they charge you about 10% of what you borrowed. This is why is suggest having an extra 10% during airtime transfers.


Simply dial *123#.

A menu will show up on your phone. Reply the message by typing 7.

After this, follow the prompt that comes up.

Next, type in 2 to select “SHARENSELL”.

This should guide you on process of transferring the airtime credits. The system would require the receiver person’s mobile phone number and the amount you desire to transfer.

This method many a times has errors. That is why I have included the second method just for you.

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This is usually simpler to transfer mtn airtime. All you have to do is compose a text message using this format “Transfer 08060363803 200 1234”

Step 1

Simply replace 08060363803 with the mtn mobile number of the person you are sending the airtime to.

Step 2

Next replace 200 with the amount you want to send to him/her [minimum is N50].

Step 3

Replace 1234 with your own transfer pin number[it is usually 4 digit more it below]

Step 4

Finally send the message to 777


Now if you do not have a pin yet then send the message anyhow with 1234. You would then get a reply message on how to get your pin number. Follow the instructions and you would have your own pin. Usually the process follows the format of sending “default pin space new pin space new pin” to 777. Example default pin is 1234, so the message would go like this 1234 9999 9999 to 777. Where 9999 is your chosen new pin.

I hope you benefited from this  😎

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