See World’s First Smart Bra For Women

First Smart Bra for Ladies


This summer excite your spouse buying her the world’s first smart bra. OMSignal, a company that makes biometric products, made quite an impression earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). During the event they unveiled the world’s first smart bra. Samsung was then working on a smart ring already and at CES, Samsung showed its smart belt. OMSignal goes in different directly to create a wearable targeted only at ladies. Just like most wearables, the smart bra is designed to aid users track their fitness and monitor their health


The Canadian company thinks women will prefer this to wearing the Apple watch and other wearables for fitness. The smart bra has sensors that sends signals to a mobile app on the users phone. It gives insights into fitness efforts by measuring breathing rhythm and heart rate. With the mobile app, a user can know when to push harder and exactly when to slow down based on the information received from the sensors in the bra.

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The OMbra is quite flexible as the strap is adjustable to fit the female body. Elina Nurkka, Director of Smart Textile Innovation at OMsignal:

It really allows you to change the level of support depending on the level of intensity of your exercise or different body shapes and sizes, and also bearing in mind that the female body actually changes quite a lot during the month.

smart bra for  women

OMBra is a sports bra with a great deal of tech behind it. While the bra has sensors packed into it, it still looks like a regular bra on the outside and doesn’t look conspicuous.


We knew that for the women’s product it would be extremely critical to make sure that the tech is integrated in an extremely seamless way
There’s a price tag of $150 USD on this product and it can be pre-ordered from the manufacturer’s website Shipping starts summer 2016.

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  • August 20, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    Does this smartbra come in DD sizes .Lol or if your breasts are that big are you out of luck ? Well theres always a Fitbit .


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