Lenovo Tab 2 A10 Review

Lenovo Tab 2 A10 Review

Lenovo Tab 2 A10 design is simple and unobtrusive, and it looks very elegant. The whole design is made well and it sure looks great despite the simplicity.

Lenovo tab review
As for the size, it is very indiscreet, the tablet can not be described as ultra-thin, but it is small enough and does not weigh too much — it is nice and easy to keep in the hands.
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Lenovo Tab 2 Screen

Lenovo Tab 2 A10 model has a remarkable screen with pretty clear display – the tablet has its display powered by an IPS LCD panel. It has a large screen size of 10.1 inches and it also comes with a full HD resolution of 1920 × 1200 px which makes it stand out.

Lenovo Tab 2 Performance

The tablet runs on MediaTek MT8732 processor which has 4 cores and a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. Given the cost of the device, such figures are quite acceptable and should ensure productivity through multitasking. Lenovo Tab 2 A10 comes with a sufficient random access memory of 2GB and there’s little to complain about concerning the performance.


Lenovo Tab 2 Multimedia Features

Even a quick look at the screen properties makes it clear that the tablet is best suited for multimedia tasks – a bright and beautiful display makes watching videos and movies fun and very comfortable.


For file storage Lenovo Tab 2 A10 provides a 16GB internal memory which can be expanded upto 64GB with an external memory card.

Lenovo Tab A10 Battery

The battery capacity is 7000mAh which is more than enough for a tablet with a such a huge screen, but this can’t be said for devices with more powerful processors. However, the device does not consume a lot of energy in comparison with the devices in the high price segment. The average battery life of Lenovo Tab A10 is about 12 hours.

lenovo battery

Lenovo Tab 2 Camera

The rear camera has an 8MP sensor and it has no LED flash, but images captured in good lighting can give you really impressive results — the pictures are optimal in quality and resolution. The 5MP front camera provides decent “selfies” and copes with video calls without problems. In general, the cameras on the tablet are not bad, for such a device providing decent quality of photos and videos.

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Pros and cons of Lenovo Tab 2

Lenovo tab 2 a10

The main advantages Lenovo Tab 2 A10 are as follows:

A large screen with HD resolution despite the price.
A powerful and long-lasting battery.
Excellent audio output.
Among the drawbacks worth noting is the inability to make calls and creaky body which, however, does not affect its durability. The rest of the tablet has virtually no drawbacks, especially considering its price.

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