How can I be great this year? How can I experience greatness in 2016? How can I make my business be great this year or achieve great returns on my time and effort? If you have already had any of this kind of thoughts this year then relax, because we have some good guide for you in this article. Kindly ensure you share with friends and colleagues after so it can benefit them too.

I have only one goal this year and that is to give! My sole intention this year is to bless and help and uplift as many people as I can. My daily goal is to give something good to someone I meet, either monetary, gifts or words or even a smile whether it is. My sole daily goal is to make someone else’s life better by giving to them. This is what I want to do every day for the whole year.

I woke up this morning thinking how can I help make someone’s life around me better today. Then this idea of how to make this year a great year came to me.

I quickly began some research and what I found I have put together below for you. I use a case study of a man who made so much progress in one year that he became so great. Remarkably, this happened during a very terrible time of famine in the world. Things were bad, the ground was barren or business was very poor yet his own business prospered tremendously in the same period.

Genesis 26:12-13

12. Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.

13. And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great.



You would end up the same person you were last year in terms of success except something changes in the way you see things. It is said that doing things the same way and expecting a different result is the first law of madness.

This is another year and we are happy about it. However, we all hope and want a better year but the question is how do we get there?

What is a hundred fold? A hundred fold is multiplied by a hundred. That means if invest $4million dollars this year in business and receive a hundred fold on that the result would be $400,000,000 (four hundred million dollars).  You might not have 4million to invest but put your own number there. It could be 2,000 or 1,000 or 5,000 whatever it is multiply it by 100. That is the kind of progress you should expect as you put this guides to work this year.


The economists, governments and many leaders are forecasting more doom and gloom around the world. The price of oil has greatly plummeted and so many are worried. Terrorism and threats of more war and violence is being heard all over the news, but I hear another voice. It is a voice of hope, wealth and prosperity. I hear the voice of an abundance of rain!

If you would be great this year you must also hear that voice. You must hear the voice of SPREADING! Isaac heard from His God and acted on what His God told Him. What has your God told you? Also are you planning to act on it? Remember terrible times would always come question is who and what voice is guiding you.

Maybe you say I do not believe in God. Ok the one you believe or whatever you believe in what is it saying you? If source of help does not talk then, I advise you to dump it. If you can’t get powerful and wise guidance from what you believe in then I advise you to drop it and look for something that works simple! You may start from Isaac’s source of help. I mean that is the kind of progress we all need!


If you are without a job start something. Start anyhow or get a job. It is not where you start from that matters it is where you are going and who is backing you up. You may not get the best job or product to sell instantly but be dynamic and willingly move or change for the better.

You must plan resolve to give your best to the society around you! This means you would only offer excellent services or products. The moment people know you for excellent services you would soon have what I call the “too much money problem”. Yes laugh about it but it can happen to you. You can have too much sales this year!

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You can have great gains and returns in 2016. All you need to do is copy Isaac and sow good seeds around you. Your seed could be your words, your products, your services, your time, your money, your talent or even your knowledge of certain things. Never discount yourself there is definitely something you can do.

Remember you are unique! The key here is to figure out what you want to give and then ensure you deliver it in the most excellent way. The way to greatness is to serve others excellently.


In conclusion using the case study of Isaac we only need two things in order to make great progress this same year.

Note: there may be other parts to greatness probably five year plans or ten years plans kind of thing. However, this article focuses on having great progress in this same 2016. Clearly, Isaac is a perfect documented example for those looking this kind advancement



You need a powerful being that would give you a specific guidance and assurance on how you may become great as you take actions based on his counsel to you.


You confidently go ahead render excellent services or products to those around you based on his words.


This is probably the fastest way I know that any one may become great in the space of a year. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in God but still wants to also make great progress in 2016. Then, I suggest you begin seeking out that divine being by getting a bible and reading it. You may also review the chapter on how to be great that we referred to Genesis 26.

Thank you for reading kindly share with friends.

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