Anand Prakash, a hacker, programmer and researcher who detected a bug on Facebook that makes it possible to takeover a Facebook account by using forceful brute on beta.facebookcom, has now since been rewarded by Facebook with a sum of $15,000. See video below explaining how it works and did it.


How TO Hack a Facebook Account by Anand

Anand uploaded in the above video in his website in an article tagged “how i could have hacked you Facebook account”.

When you use the “Forgot password” feature on Facebook, a 6-digit code is sent to your mobile phone which acts as a temporary PIN to access the site and reset your password. He discovered that one could enter this 6-digit passwords repeatedly on the beta site without limit. With brute-force attack, a potential hacker may keep trying random numbers till access is granted.

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On the regular Facebook website, there’s a limit set on the number of times you can try wrong codes before the account gets blocked. On the beta site, however, this brute-force protection isn’t present. This gives a potential hack more than enough chances to carry out an attack.

Facebook has reportedly paid up to $4.3 million to over 800 hackers and security researchers since 2011 for discovering such security flaws. Anand Prakash reported the bug on February 22 and it was patched up on February 23.

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