Google Duo makes video calling so simple

Google Duo video calling app is simply amazing

Google duo is the new video calling app launched by Google and it is crushing it! According to Google playstore the app currently has 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 installs! It also has an incredible 4.5 rating out of over 37,000 reviews! What is it’s advantage? They say simplicity!

google duo reviews

At first, a lot of us thought it was nothing more than another social app Google would hype and fail to turn into a success, but this may finally be the Facetime killer.

Facetime on iOS lets engage in live video calls with other iOS users, but it is exclusive to Apple devices only. That’s a major drawback, and Google is taking advantage of this. Google Duo works on Android and iOS, it’s cross-platform functionality automatically makes it a winner.

Google Duo becomes one of the most downloaded apps

It’s just a few days since the app was released but it already sits in the 20th position in the App Store’s top chart for free apps. This means even iOS users who already have Facetime are actually eager to try out something new.

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Google owns Play Store and there have been rumors that Google probably manipulated the number of times the app has been downloaded, but the app appearing at the 20th position in the App Store chart dispels this. At the moment, Google Duo has 1,000,000+ downloads at the Play Store.

Google Duo only needs your number, that’s all!

One of the many reasons why WhatsApp is widely used is it’s simplicity; no registration, all that’s needed is your mobile number. Google Duo works in exactly the same way, you don’t even need a Google account use it. Also with the Google Duo app you can instantly see your contacts who have also installed the app.

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It’s simple and straight to the point. Google Duo is unlike Facetime, because it works across all platforms. The argument that Skype, Viber and other similar video calling app exists holds no water. Simplicity is what Google Duo is all about. it’s adaptability to your network speed and smooth transition between WiFi and data connection too makes it such a desirable app and worth installing.

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